Friday, January 4, 2013

Vogue 8597

I've only had little bits of time to sew this holiday so I've picked projects that are "quick victories".  I originally wanted to make a butterfly sleeve top out of this fabric but I ended up not having enough.  I pulled out Vogue 8597 (I made view A last year) and decided to make view C.  The fabric is from Fabricmart and part of an order I made at the beginning of December (more on the rest of those fabrics later and how I eeked so much sewing out of so few yards!!!!!).  This piece is a soft medium weight knit (about the weight of a ponte knit) with sheer stripes.  It has lots of texture and is really comfortable.  It went together in about an hour and a half and is perfect for our recent chilly days.  Here's my take on Pattern Review.  And here's another photo of the entire top in which I clearly see I need a new hairstyle....why didn't anyone tell me?

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