Thursday, January 24, 2013

On Stash and Selfish Sewing

I've been going through my stash and folding it neatly and realizing I have a lot of pieces from before I had kids!  Am I really going to use these?  My plan is to fold everything, take a good hard look at it, decide what I really will use and donate the rest to the local middle school.  Often times my daughter will sit in my sewing room and play guitar so while she's there she can help me edit.  She'll say "Yeah, that's super cute" or "Mom, no's gotta go."  Tough helps!

With my goal of making 3 items per month I should be able to make a pretty good dent.  My new fabric purchases will probably be knits (because I don't have a single one in the stash) and fabrics I choose for other people.  Which brings me to my new idea:

I love reading the end of the year recaps on sewing blogs and marveling at the projects one person can complete in just a year.  I was really inspired by this post from Girls in the Garden (one of my favorites) on the best things she made for OTHER people last year.  This year I want to make more things for other people (I've been so selfish!)  namely my mom, daughter and son but I also may venture into sewing for a special man I love (I haven't made him a shirt since we were first married!)

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