Friday, January 11, 2013

The Ever Popular Renfrew Top

So I, like everyone else, had to try the Renfrew top from Sewholic Patterns.  I've seen some pictures (very cute) and heard the praises of how fun it is to put together and how great it is to have a hundred of these in your closet.  I had some left over fabric from a dress I made (pictures soon) and I took my stab at making one.  I loved the color and did have fun putting it together but the armhole was too tight.  So here's my second one where I adjusted the armhole....Ahhhh.....much better.  This fabric is medium weight and stretchy with good recovery.  These are good fabric properties when making this top because the bands need to really hold their own (Sewholic has a great post on how to choose fabric for this top).  Since these tops are so great and really fun to put together, I'm planning on making a hundred of these Renfrew tops (hopefully some for my mom too) I'm off to find fabric.

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