Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I Have Nothing To Wear.....It With

If I had a dime for every time I went in my closet, pulled out something cute and said to myself "I love this but I have nothing to wear it with" I'd be a wealthy woman.  Okay, well maybe not wealthy but I sure would have more money to buy more fabric.  So I've decided to pair up one of these "lonely" items with a handmade one and bring it out of the closet.

Typically I go for the same practical handbag in a neutral color (and yes, usually it desperately needs to be cleaned out) but a colorful bag that's a little impractical can sure make me feel like a girl.  This modified "hobo" bag made from super soft mauve leather and silver hardware is one such bag.  As lovely as it is, it's been sitting on my closet shelf for quite some time.

When I found this beautiful Liberty of London silk at Fabricland, my local fabric store, I heard angels sing.  I decided to splurge and as it turns out, this fabric is perfect for my bag.  That's a win, win.

I used View B of the Margo Blouse pattern in a size medium.  I made the pattern with no changes (shocking, I know) and finished it with 3 vintage buttons that I had in my stash.  This blouse has turned out to be really versatile for me.  It looks casual with jeans but I also wear it tucked into a navy skirt and it looks very "business-y" for work.  Throw on my mauve bag and I look like I know what I'm doing.

I have a few other "nothing to wear it with" pieces in my closet.  Which one should I tackle next?


  1. Uh oh, your one step away from junmping on the Capsule Wardrobe bandwagon. Lord help me if I have to think about all my accessories that don't go with anything. I think you should make a top that works with the pink cardigan and the necklace. That takes care of two things on your list.

    1. Ooo. Good idea about two things at once...I'm on the hunt for fabric. Maybe I should get serious about the capsule bandwagon because the last two projects I made (and haven't blogged about) were bombs!