Thursday, October 29, 2015

My New Granville

I finished my new Sewaholic Granville!  But what is it with me and red Granville's you ask? I've made two and they both are red, what gives?  Who knows, but I love them!

I made this version in a red and white micro stripe stretch shirting I purchased in NY.  I trimmed the placket with a red, navy and cream twill tape I picked up at M and J Trimmings.  It's one of those trims that's so precious I almost didn't want to use it....but I'm glad I did.

I made this Granville just like I did the first one and this time the "modified burrito" collar construction was so much easier.  Have you tried it yet?  I'm pretty sure I'll never put a collar band on the old way again.  Sewaholic has a good tutorial here.

The made the cuff about 1" narrower than the pattern to make the sleeve roll up better and I straightened the side seam a little bit to take out some of the curve I didn't need.

And now for the buttons.  I have so many white vintage buttons it's almost scary.  It took me more time to sort through the buttons for a set that matched (or close enough) than it did to make the buttonholes.  Seriously, I need to give some of these away!

When I have a project with buttons, I only use the pattern to mark where the buttonholes go, not the buttons.  After I put the buttonholes in, I then line up the fronts and mark the button placement.  This insures the buttons are perfectly lined up.  Here's how I do it:

I lay the right front over the left front and pin them together.

I mark the button placement with a fabric marker.  Now, everything's all lined up!

I'm sure I'll make this pattern again....just not another red one....probably.

It turns out, red is really tough to photograph.  The shirt is more of a cherry red but some of the photos look neon and some look tomato (and my nose really looks tomato red since I'm getting a cold!)  Does anyone out there use a timer to take blog photos?  If so, what do you use?  I have the most patient husband ever but I really don't want to put him through snapping photos anymore.  Help!


  1. I use a timer but if I'm trying to photograph red or black I definitely ask someone to take the photos.

    I'll also say for those of us who are busty, often the pattern placement for buttonholes doesn't work. So you try on, mark the fullest point and that's the most important buttonhole. I also have to always space mine closer than what the pattern calls for. Need more "lock and load" ;)

    With all that said...

    I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!! :) that twill tape is the perfect touch. It fits so well and is so well sewn. Just lovely.

    1. Thank you so much! Black is always hard to photo but I didn't know about red. "Lock and load"...I'm cracking up!

  2. Its funny your camera's trouble spot is reds, mine distorts blue like crazy. I use a similar method to line up my buttons, but like SewCraftChemist I like to make sure there is a button hole across my fullest first.

  3. i'm glad you used the trim too! It adds so much. Gorgeous shirt!