Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Field Trip Scarf

I took a "field trip" with a couple of students to the fabric store.  I think I enjoyed it much more than they did and of course I picked up some fabric which has now increased my stash!  I wasn't going to do that was I?  Anyway.....while we were there one of my students ran to her car and got a RTW scarf she had and loved and wanted to copy.  Her idea reminded me of a RTW scarf at my house that I love but would never wear because of the color.  I purchased one yard of fabric ($2.98 on a flat fold probably a rayon/poly mash up of some sort), pulled out the inspiration scarf and measured it and in about 30 minutes I had a cute scarf.  Infinity scarf tutorials are everywhere on the web but here is a quick overview of what I did:

Purchase 1 yard of 56"-60" wide knit fabric.

Cut fabric 34" by width of fabric (my fabric was 58" after I cleaned up the selvages).

Fold fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together, and pin.

Change machine stitch to either stretch stitch (it looks like a jagged line) or a narrow zigzag to create a seam that stretches.  1.5 stitch width and 2.0 stitch length worked great on this fabric and my machine.  (Isn't my machine cute?....She's smiling for the picture!)

Change machine needle to a ball point or jersey needle.  This will help prevent skipped stitches and runs.  It is difficult to differentiate between the regular and ball point when they are out of the package so I put nail polish on all of the ball point needles.  This makes it so much easier to find the right needle in my sewing drawer especially if the needle jumps out of the proper package as mine often do. 

Sew the lengthwise seam using a 1/2" seam allowance.  Turn right side out.  Match seams from the opposite ends of the scarf "tube" (right sides together) and pin around the open ends of the scarf as far as possible (you'll need to leave a few inches open but we will close it next).  Stitch.

Put open ends together, folding seam allowances in, and straight stitch close to the edge of the fold (you can also close this by hand with a slip stitch if you prefer).  

Here's my inspiration scarf (I love it but I can't wear orange).

And here's my pretty scarf.  I love it and I can wear pink!

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