Saturday, March 2, 2013

Simplicity 1696 - I Need to Make a Red Pair

Okay, so it's next to impossible to get a good detailed picture of a black garment (this is my third round of photos) but I'm posting this anyway. I love this pants pattern so in order to better share it with you I need to make a RED pair....don't you agree? talked me into it. But until then, I'll give you the "skinny" on my new skinny pants.

I cleaned out my closet and found that, aside from jeans, I had two pair of pants! Yikes. I realize I spend a lot of time in jeans and skirts, but I need pants to put outfits together. No wonder I never have anything to wear. Let's face it, we sewists sew because we love fabric! We see something pretty, buy it, bring it home and make it....practicality aside. But there comes a time when we need to address the basics in our wardrobe. Simplicity 1696 does that.

This is my second Amazing Fit pattern (here's the first) and I don't know why I waited so long. Although approaching a pair of pants can be daunting, this pattern really helps. It comes in sizes 8-22 but in each size you can choose from slim, average or curvy fit based on the difference between your waist and hip measurements. I made a muslin in size 12 average fit (which folks, took less time than it did to find the pattern pieces....a pant muslin is always worth the time) and found I only needed to make an adjustment in the waist. Could it be true?

I added a fly extension to the pant front BEFORE I cut it out so I could use this fantastic zip fly application method. It's really well written but take note, this pant pattern has the fly on the opposite side of the tutorial so you need to mirror what you see in the tutorial. I also added real welt pockets instead of mock like the pattern calls for using this tutorial.

I have since made another pair without front pockets out of a very lightweight stretch denim and I love them even more! My hunt for red stretch denim is currently underway!

Here's my pattern review:

Pattern Description:
Misses' & Miss Petite pants slim pants have fly front, contoured waist band and front slash pockets. Individual pattern pieces included for slim, average and curvy fit.
Pattern Sizing:
Sizes 8-22. I made a 12 in the average fit.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow?
The instructions were easy to follow and did include some tips for fitting.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I love the fit. I made a muslin and the only adjustment I had to make was to the waistband and I can't say that's every happened to me before. The construction of the pants allows you to make final adjustments to fitting without having to take everything apart. It also has 1" seam allowances in key fitting areas.
Fabric Used:
I used a black stretch twill that has a comfortable amount of stretch (but I do wish it was a little softer)
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I added real welt pockets (instead of the mock that the pattern calls for), I added a fly extension directly to the front pattern piece before cutting it out and used a different fly zipper application method (so much easier). More info on my blog if you're interested.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I'm making a second pair now in a very soft lightweight stretch denim and hope to make a red pair.


  1. This is exciting! I have exactly 0 pairs of pants because exactly 0 manufacturers have figured out how to make pants for a short balanced pear.

    I am now happily envisioning a D'Anjou wearing skinny pants. I've also added a bow tie, because D'Anjou sounds *fancy*.

    However. This is the second good review I've read of this pattern and I am a little angry that I didn't pick it up when Simplicity were only a dollar :( Patience, little one, patience.

    1. Pears are the best! Just because ready to wear hasn't figured it out yet doesn't mean it isn't true. I love having a pair of pants that's tough for me in the stores too. I hope this pattern works for you.

  2. I've made a trouser style pair of pants from an amazing fit pattern and I wasn't super happy with them. I think because I didn't actually want a trouser fit. This pattern, however, looks more like what I wanted initially. Slimmer but still kind of straight. They look fantastic!

  3. Your pants look great on you! :) I just bought this pattern today, and yours was the first review to pop up when I googled it. I'm looking forward to sewing these up! Thanks for posting this!! :)

    1. Thanks. Let me know how it goes with your pants. I made a dark blue denim pair without the front pockets and I love them too.

  4. I am about to embark on sewing these in a stretch floral from Mood. Yours look great. I'm glad to see there isn't miles of ease in these~

  5. Thank you. I'd love to see a picture when you're finished. I bet they'll look great in a print.

  6. Hello!, I'm new to sewing my own clothes I'm doing the same pants as you but i don't understand what I should do in step 12 and Google translate isn't a good helper. If you do read this I would be happy for some help!

    1. Hello! You're is confusing. The drawing for 12 is actually showing you how to do the same thing two different ways. You only need to choose one way. Instructions for the picture on the left is under "Note: Amazing Tip". The instructions for the picture on the right is "12". Here's the easy way: 1. Iron interfacing to wrong side (not the outside) of the fly. 2. Iron under 1/4" along just the curved edge of the fly (wrong side to wrong side making a small "hem"). 3. Stitch the 1/4" down. Done!