Friday, February 1, 2013

January Sewing...Did I really make all this?

In keeping with my "3 Projects A Month" I'm listing what I made in January.  I don't have a picture for everything but here's the list with a few photos :

Vogue Cowl Sweater (I possibly finished this on December 31st...I can't remember!)
Striped Cowl Top
Red Renfrew
Red Ikat Knit Top
Yoga Bag (not pictured)
Black Cord Skirt (muslin - not pictured)
Silk Suiting Skirt (review is coming soon....I love this pattern)
Plaid Wool Top

Lots of tops!  I went through the pants in my closet and found I have a brown pair and a khaki pair and everything else is jeans.  So now, pants are up along with a nightgown for my mom.

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