Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dressed to Chill

The weather forecast says we're in for hot weather this week.  102 degrees on Wednesday!  Whoo!  So all I can think about are summer dresses (especially since I have a couple of cotton prints coming via Fed Ex very soon). And here are some styles that look really good....some are brand new patterns and some have been among the ranks for a while:

Simplicity 1354
The sleeveless version is so pretty.

Simplicity 1355
View D takes me back to the 80's....

Simplicity 1356
This dress wouldn't look good on me but I would LOVE to make it!

Simplicity 1418
Ahhh, to have the yellow dress.

Simplicity 1796
View C would be my go to dress on the hottest days.

Vogue 5781
I'd feel like a ballerina in this dress (don't worry I won't dance).

McCall's 6959
I have a cotton voile on the way that would be great.  I'll need to line it.

McCall's 6744
This is currently on my cutting table.

MCall's 6920
Ponte knit?   Yep!

Vogue 8993
In cream cotton lace this would be a Princess Kate dress.

I'm so inspired....I'm off to sew!

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  1. So many great new patterns! My favorite is the Simplicty 1418. Neither of my daughters like to go without a bra but with that back it gives the illusion of backless but the coverage needed for the bra back. And my favorite patterns are the 'Amazing Fit' line. So easy to get the right fit without a lot of alteration experience. Can't wait to see how yours turn out! Going to check my local sale ads now to see when they go on sale!