Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Christmas Sewing.....Journals

I'm continuing my Christmas sewing and this year I made some journal covers for my friends.  These are easy and fun to make and don't take a whole lot of supplies.  I use a composition notebook for the inside so it's easy to replace when it's full.  It was fun to go to the fabric store for this project because I was able to pick a different fabric for each of my friends.  The one I'm using here is for my best friend....purple always reminds me of her.  

Here's here's how I made them:

1/3 yard of fabric
24" ribbon
1/3 yard of fusible fleece
Thread to match
Composition Notebook

Fabric: cut 2 pieces 11" x 16 3/4" and 2 pieces 11" x 4"
Fleece: cut 1 piece 11" x 16 3/4"
Ribbon: cut 2 pieces 12"

Fuse fleece to wrong side of one of the large fabric pieces to make the outer journal cover.  On both smaller fabric pieces fold over a hem on one long side of each piece (see photo).

Stitch hem in place.

Baste ribbon to outer journal, centering it on either side.

Place hemmed pieces right sides together over outer journal, matching raw edges along sides.  Stitch in place using 1/2" seam allowance.

Place remaining fabric on top of outer journal, right sides together, pin in place.  Stitch, leaving open 3" along one side for turning.  I like to mark my start and stop place with double pins to remind myself.

Cut corners off to reduce bulk. 

Turn right side out and give it a good press.

Yay!  You're done!
You could also embroider, piece, appliqué or anything else on the front to make it fun. I hope you enjoy it.  

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