Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pattern Testers - I Couldn't Do It Without Them

There's a lot that goes into the development of a pattern; design, pattern making, testing, writing, testing some more, refining and the list goes on.  But the best part of the development of a pattern is when it goes out to the testers and I get to what people make.

I'm amazed at how gifted, skilled and generous my pattern testers are!  They made some really fun Ally skirts, gave awesome feedback and were all around supportive during the entire process. Their suggestions have been invaluable.  I couldn't have done it without them!

Here are some of the makes from these lovely testers:

Michelle from ThatBlackChic added pockets and flaps for a young and funky Ally.  So much fun!

Melissa from Mahlicadesigns made a dark denim skirt with snaps.  A great wardrobe builder, right?

Karen made a wool version (so classic!) with pockets and then a higher waisted denim version for her lovely daughter.

Lindsay of Inside The Hem made a corduroy skirt.  When Lindsay sent her photos I had to giggle because I had just finished a brown cord version myself!

Caroline made a fun black Ally that can be worn all year with a light t-shirt in the summer and a chunky sweater and boots in the winter.  I love it!

I'm the luckiest designer ever!  Thank you pattern're the best!

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  1. Hey sweetie.
    Thanks for your answer through IG about volunteering as a pattern tester..
    You can mail me through
    Thaanks again and good luck with this absolutely stunning skirt ��