Monday, March 28, 2016

My Summer Sweatpants - Butterick 6137

A while back I saw an Instagram post of a pair of loose joggers that the sewist referred to as her "secret pajamas" (for the life of me I can't remember who made the post...if you know please tell me).  That made me giggle and also made me realize I need a pair of secret pajamas too....but I'm calling mine "summer sweatpants".

My biggest wardrobe deficit by far is solid or almost solid basics.  Clearly, with all the prints I use I'm miserable at closing this gap but the other pieces I'm missing are everyday comfortable pants to wear when I'm running around.  Sweatpants really, but something light and pretty for those days when temperatures hit the 90's.

These rayon batiks were just delivered to Fabricland and I couldn't pass this one up.  It's perfect for pants because it's light, washable and comfortable to wear.  I always prewash my fabrics and for this fabric I washed it in warm water and dried it on a medium heat to take out any shrinkage.

I used Butterick 6137 with pockets.  There are several leg opening options for these pants but I added 2" to the length and left the legs open.  To be honest I'm a little leary of the "jogger" trend because of my body shape but I may add elastic to the ankles for my next pair.

Word of warning here, these pants are high waisted...I mean really high they could easily be granny pants.  I shortened the crotch depth 2" and they still landed near my waist.  I'll shorten them even more next time and bring the side seam in to give them a slimmer leg.

My favorite part of the these pants are the pockets.  I attached them using a decorative stitch in contrasting thread.  Rayon can get a little "squidgy" so to keep everything even and in place I used spray starch when I placed and pinned my pocket before sewing.  It worked great!

I had a ladybug land on my arm.  Lucky day!
What are you sewing?

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