Tuesday, February 9, 2016

8 Things Every Sewer Should Know - Join the Dover Jacket Sew-Along!

February is the time when I'm racing to finish up winter projects and at the same time looking ahead to some spring sewing.  It's not quite time for short sleeves but it is a good time to brush up on our skills in preparation for spring projects.  And if you're a new sewer, now's the time to learn some good foundational skills that'll launch you "armed and dangerous" into your new hobby.  So... join us for the Blue Dot Patterns Dover Jacket Sew-Along....8 Things Every Sewer Should Know.

The Dover Jacket View B is a loose fitting, 3/4 length sleeve jacket that is a versatile wardrobe builder.  It goes together quickly and is a great project for the beginning/intermediate sewist.  You will learn 8 basic sewing skills that'll not only make your garments look professional but will also help your garments go together more quickly and easily.  If you are new to garment sewing, this would be a great sew-along for you!

Here's what we are going to learn:
  1. Marking fabrics - 3 different techniques
  2. Interfacing - why we need it and and what kind we need
  3. Gathering - how do I get them even?
  4. Clipping - why?
  5. Understitching - what is it?
  6. Topstitching - "man, this makes things look better"
  7. Making Buttonholes - seriously, you can do it
  8. Sewing on Buttons by Machine - aren't you relieved it can be done?
Here's the schedule for the sew-along:

February 12 - Day #1: Selecting Fabric, Supplies and Choosing Pattern Size.
February 16 - Day #2: Preparing to Sew: Put Together the PDF, Cutting, Marking and Interfacing.
February 19 - Day #3: Constructing the Body of the Jacket: Gathering, Clipping and Understitching.
February 23 - Day #4: Finishing up: Topstitching, Buttonholes and Sewing on Buttons by Machine.

Here's the Sew-Along Badge if you'd like to add it to your blog:

Okay....let's get ready.  I can't wait to see what you make!

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