Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Super Nerdy Sewing Apron...Don't Judge

So....I know what you're thinking, "Man this chick is a real sewing nerd if she's making a sewing apron."  Now before you start judging I feel I must explain.  As some of you know, I teach sewing to both kids and adults (the best job in the world BTW!) and during class I'm constantly looking for tools.  I'm either rifling through the classroom sewing drawer or borrowing something from a student.   I thought an apron would be a great way to not only save time.

I loosely based the apron on this tutorial from CraftiStacy and made it out of a two sided denim scrap I had left over from an upholstery project.  I've already used it and it's been great!

I've been industrious in my sewing room at home.  I cleaned out my stash cabinet and snapped a photo because I'm sure it won't look this way very long.  The before was pretty bad, don't you think?


There's more clean up to come in my sewing room.  I guess the new year has energized me.  I'm going to tackle the pattern hoarding collection next.  Wish me luck!


  1. This is genius and now I need one!!!

    1. I highly recommend making one. It's been great! And with your speedy sewing skills you'll be able to sew it up quick!

  2. Nerds unite! 'cause I read your post title and thought: "I need that"
    After looking at pics of my stashbusters group and their many hundreds of yards of stash that they're organizing, yours looks pretty petite.

    1. Thanks for the stash support. I'll keep plugging' away at it!