Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blue Dot Pattern Challenge - Giveaway Winners

Well we've been announcing winners left and right around here and today I'm excited to announce two more.  But before I do I'd like to thank Melissa of Mahlicadesigns for hosting the challenge (AND participating!) and all of the talented sewists that made garments from Blue Dot Patterns:

The two winners from the challenge giveaway are:

Kathy E.

Yay!  We will be sending the Blue Dot
pattern of your choice soon!  Congratulations!

Thanks to all of you for your participation!


  1. Hi i have just made a Margo top , I love it. I am planning to make a few more over the holidays. Do you have a group somewhere to post pictures ?

    1. I'm excited to see it! I love your idea and I will make a photo group. I'll get back to you soon with where to post.