Friday, October 24, 2014

Bargain Basement

The fabric bargain basement is a dark and twisty place you should not go alone.  That said, I know we all do it.  Me included.  I bought this green fabric in the "flat folds" area of a fabric store not far from here because it's a beautiful color and polka dots are the best.  It's a very lightweight rayon challis and was just $3 per yard and 60" wide.

I used a self drafted pattern and added a knit band to the sleeves.  When I was in college, I made a white woven top with light pink bands and just adored it.  I'm sure I wore it to shreds but I still wish I would've saved it.  This top is my "homage" to that college top.

The tricky part of the top was not the construction but the fabric.  When I got it home and started to lay it out I realized the pattern was printed off grain.  Not just off grain but OFF GRAIN.  Now I know why it landed in the bargain basement!

In the photo above, I cut the fabric on the crosswise grainline but if you look closely, the design and circles aren't straight.  This piece of fabric is 10" wide and the design is 3/4" off.  So on 60" wide fabric the design is almost 5" off crosswise. Yikes!

So...what does that mean?  Well, my top is on grain and lays straight but the print isn't.  It's subtle but it's there.  Thankfully the pattern has dots all over so it almost hides itself.

I still love it.  I still wear it.  It's dreamy soft and I love my "woven" sweatshirt.  Mistakes and all.  It'll be our little secret.

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